How To Fix And Clear Cloudy Pool Water

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You have a luxurious and expensive pool at home and one day you are enjoying swimming or in a sparkling clear water and the next day you see a transparent pool water has turned into muddy looking cloudy water, much to your annoyance.

Swimming in cloudy water is prohibited since it can cause swollen eye and many kinds of skin diseases. Once the pool gets cloudy, it is not an easy job to clean it.

There are many factors that contribute to the cloudiness of pools; even the well maintained pools face the wrath of this contamination.

How The Pool Gets Cloudy

Pool Chemicals

Certain chemicals are necessary for upkeep of pools but uncontrolled dosages can disturb the balance needed in pool water. Following levels of chemicals can make the pool cloudy

  • High level of alkanity
  • Extreme levels of chlorine, whether too high or too low.
  • High pH levels
  • High calcium hardness
  • Use of sanitizers

All the above factors create extra particles and contamination that make the pool-water look cloudy.

Filtration Problems

The major reason of pool growing cloudy is either mal-functioning or non-functioning of filters, which are responsible for cleaning of pools. It is therefore necessary to keep an eye on filters installed in pools. The filters must work for at least 8 hours in a day to achieve the optimal conditions of pool water. Remember, stagnant water for longer period of times means higher chances of water getting cloudy.

The Atmosphere

The surrounding environment is equally important in affecting the condition of pool-water. Too much dust, non-fencing of pools, presence of algae, invasion by Mosquitoes, birds weather conditions and behavior of pool users can lead to cloudy water.

How To Get Rid Of Cloudy Water

Once you know the reason, it is easy to diagnose the problem. So first and foremost step is to clean the cloudiness is to know the most apparent reason for cloudiness. Easiest way is to get one test-kit which helps in knowing the chemical proportions present in pool water. If you find any discrepancy in the balance of chemicals, you can correct it by taking appropriate action and which might be the reason behind the cloudiness.

Use A Pool Clarifier

The filters installed in pools are effective to collect and remove only large particles but smaller particles are often left behind in the pool which contributes to pool cloudiness. Here the role of pool clarifier is very important, whose main objective is to collect or in more scientific terms coagulate the tiny particles, bind them to form larger particles, which can be then filtered easily.

Use Pool Floccunant

Floc is another, very effective method to clear the pool overnight (another pool maintenance tip). You have arranged a pool party next day but suddenly you observe the pool is cloudy and not in a condition for swimming, there is no point losing the hope and with some extra efforts, the pool can be de-clouded by using this miracle chemical called floccunant.

​Floccunant works by collecting all the particles and contaminants, responsible for cloudy pool and sends them to the bottom of the pool. Remember these particles will not be able to get filtered out by filters rather you have to look for some alternative method to eliminate the contaminants from the floor.

Bottom Drainage Systems

Any filter system installed in pool is effective only to clean the pool at the top layer of pool only and is not able to collect and filter the particles from the bottom of pool.

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