Inground pools are essential for homes in the Houston area. With an inground pool installation, you will be able to keep cool and enjoy time with your family and friends during the heat of the summer. A company offering pool designs near Houston will be able to assist you with every step of your new pool installation. From choosing your pool materials to setting up routine pool maintenance, your pool contractor will make sure that every detail is in place for your exciting new pool design. To help you decide what type of pool will fit best on your property, here is an overview of the different types of inground pools.

Rectangular Pool

The rectangular pool has been a standard style for many centuries. In fact, rectangular pools can trace their origins back to the Roman era. With a new rectangular pool, you will be able to fit your pool to the dimensions of your lawn and backyard. For those pool owners who plan to swim laps, a rectangular pool is an excellent shape.

Freeform Pool

If you would like to be more expressive with your pool design, you may want to create a freeform pool. Unlike a rectangular pool, which has sharp lines and symmetrical angles, a freeform pool can be any shape that you desire. Typically, gunite is used as the base construction material for this type of pool. Since gunite can be poured into any shape or form, it is a great choice for your new pool design.

L Shaped Pool

Along with providing you with aquatic exercise and play, your pool may also serve as a central area for outdoor gatherings and other events at your home. To maximize your pool deck space, you might want to consider creating an L shaped pool. L shaped pools are well suited for patios, outdoor kitchens, and other features. Your L shaped pool can also be placed in the corner of your property.

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